Baby Wrangler

“Getchie was the best baby wrangler we ever hired for KIWI magazine photo shoots. She knew just what would bring out smiles at every age, from babies to schoolkids; plus, she made “real kid” models comfortable, and professional child models relax and smile naturally. Neither is easy! Getchie is magic with children, and we got outstanding photos for the cover and other articles.”
—Sarah Smith, former editor-in-chief of KIWI magazine; current executive editor at REDBOOK

baby wrangler 7As a Baby Wrangler, I help kids relax and have a good time on a photo shoot or film set – so everyone’s job is easier. It goes hand in hand with my work as a storyteller, where I make children laugh and connect.  Silly is my middle name and fun is my mantra.

Kids who perform are expected to focus and take direction while remaining completely spontaneous and natural. When the pressure is on, it’s hard for them to be their best, natural, happy selves. That’s where I come in, to create a fun, safe environment for kids to perform or model on cue. When kids know it’s okay to be themselves, they can do their best. Million dollar smiles are a dime a dozen when you’re having fun.

Making the child’s job playful is what a baby wrangler does.  And I love doing it!