Getchie Argetsinger

Susan Barr Wright

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Selected Credits

National Tour
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (with Brian Murray)
The PageDavid Merrick Productions
Selected New York Theatre
Me & WhoTherapist/wizardLPAC Rough Draft Festival/lucas a. degirolamo
Sons of the ProphetGloria GurneyNormal Ave Productions/Shannon Molly Flynn
Little Stories Multiple roles Fringe Festival NYC 2016/Michael Heitzler
Their Voices Go On16 Women Poets National Poetry Month 2015 NYC/Mark Grenier
ReJoyce with Molly
(the soliloquy)
Molly BloomBloomsday 2013 New York Society Library/
Catherine T. Williams
God of VengeanceBlind womanMarvell Repertory Company/Lenny Leibowitz
Marat/SadeInmate Moses Mogilee/Jan Powell
The Children’s HourAgatha Astoria Performing Arts Center/Jesse D. Hill
A Lie of the MindMeg Thrift Shop Theatre Workshop/Alex Correia
Metamorphoses (2 actor adaptation)Multiple roles
Mid-Manhattan NYPL/Jesse Ontiveros
Uncle Vanya MarinaThe Barrow Group/Seth Barrish & Lee Brock
The End (a one woman play)WomanCulture Project/Women's Center Stage/ Melissa Wellburn
Regional Theatre
Gulf View Drive & See Rock CityMrs. GillMargreta Stage Company, CT/Deirdre Devaney
The Importance of Being Earnest

Miss PrismNew Harmony Theatre, New Harmony, IN/Lenny Leibowitz
Why Ask Why Tanny Goodman Theatre, Chicago, IL/Dan Early
Film & Television
Life & BethHelen, Co-Star, 2 episodesAmy Schumer & HULU/Ryan McFaul
FantasmasCrayola Lady, Co-StarLittle films Julio Torres & HBO/Julio Torres
Sesame Street “Once Upon a Pickle”Fun Grandma, FeaturedChildren’s Television Workshop/Jack Jameson
Silver StarMrs. Woodman, SupportingRuben Amar/Lola Bessis/Ruben Amar
The MillGertrude, SupportingLil Rel Howery/HULU Orignal/Sean King O’Grady
Strive (with Danny Glover) Ms. Umans Prodigium Pictures/ Robert Rippberger
Encore DorisRedFilm Productions/Noah Marthaller
The Last Days of Leni RiefenstahlBritish socialiteMadeline Olnek & Julian Robinson/ Jen Heck
The SopranosJanice’s Yoga InstructorDavid Chase & HBO/Lee Tamahari
Broken Mrs. Williams (Lead)NYU Award Winning Short/Ken Machacek
Annie Hall Guru Follower (Cameo)Rollins & Joffe/Woody Allen
Gypsy Soul ( w/Shirley MacLaine)The Fan (Cameo)CBS Studios/Tony Charmoli